We can provide fully Integrated Building Management Systems and separate Automation/Security systems for all types and sizes of projects. Our automation systems include BMS, Metering & Energy Management, Lighting Control, Home Automation and Hotel Guest Room Management Systems. Our security systems include Access Control & Intruder Detection and Video Surveillance Systems.

Automation Systems

Building Management System (BMS)

Building Management System (BMS)

Fidelix is a truly open IBMS platform. Our system is clearly layered with fully open interfaces between the layers:
  • SCADA software
  • Central Control Units
  • IO Modules and Room/Unitary Controllers
  • Industry standard field equipment 
SCADA Software

Our monitoring and controlling software – webVision – is a fully featured Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) package with SQL database engine. It gathers information effortlessly from multiple Central Control Units in different locations enabling easy implementation of integrated smart buildings and cities. Software integrates all data into one web browser operated user interface that allows full control of all aspects of larger systems. It provides comprehensive alarm management, viewing of dynamic information and history trends, event logs and versatile energy reports. OPC, ODBC, XML, Access and web service interoperability enables easy integration with 3rd party systems. Support for unlimited simultaneous users makes it a truly Open SCADA platform. 

Central Control Units

Fidelix Central Control Units (CCU) – FX-2030A and FX-Spider – are state of the art BACnet controllers with integrated web server and a maximum I/O capacity of 2000 (physical & virtual) points per controller. Controllers fulfill BACnet B-BC profile and they are freely programmable using IEC 61131-3 industry standard PLC programming language. CCUs have on-board Ethernet, serial port for connecting modem and Micro SD card for scheduled or manual back-ups for easy system restoring. FX-Spider controller has 40 built-in I/O-points. I/O-modules, Room/Unitary controllers, thermostats and 3rd party equipment & systems can be connected to CCUs via any open standard protocol – BACnet, Modbus, M-bus being the most commonly used. FX-2030A controllers have three and FX-Spider two configurable fieldbus connections. To add fieldbus connections to system multiLINK multipurpose communication modules are used. It is a versatile communication module with integrated web- and FTP-server, interconnecting Ethernet, M-Bus, Modbus and RS-232 interfaces, seamlessly. It can be used to convert fieldbus over UDP or TCP to RS485 or RS232, as a serial repeater, or as serial master. 

IO Modules 

We have a comprehensive range of robust IO modules FX-DI-16, FX-DO-8, FX-AI-8, FX-AO-8, FX-COMBI-36 and the new compact series Fdx Compact DI16, DO8, DO16, AI8, AO8 and TRIAC8 modules. DI-points are used to read indications, alarms and impulses for consumption measurement purposes. Each DI-point has bi-colored LED (red/green) to show the status. AI-points can read resistive sensors from 800-100000 ohm, current loops or voltage signals and digital indications. DO-points have changeover relays that can control 6 Amp 230 VAC loads. DO-points have indication LEDs and manual override switches. AO-points have customizable minimum and maximum voltage outputs. DO- and AO-points have configurable default values to preserve point’s current state or change to a pre-programmed value during interruption in the communication.

Room/Unitary controllers

Room/Unitary controllers are versatile controllers that can be used for numerous applications, such as hotel rooms, district cooling, small ventilation systems, or as room controllers in offices or homes. Controller’s CPU runs its code independently, enabling swift and accurate reactions to changing indications and measurements. Internal Flash memory makes sure all data is saved even during power or communication interruptions. Controllers can be connected via fieldbus to Central Control Units to receive settings and commands, or send out alarms or other data.

FX-Multi-16 is a preprogrammed unitary controller with 6 universal inputs, 2 analogue inputs, 4 digital outputs and 4 analogue or TRIAC outputs. Extensive library of programs exists and additional dedicated programs can be made fast.

FX-Multi-24 is a freely programmable unitary controller with 12 universal inputs, 4 digital outputs, 4 TRIAC outputs and 4 analogue outputs. International PLC programing standard IEC 61131-3 is used to program any application. Extensive application library exists and it is easy to modify existing applications. The controller can simultaneously act as Modbus slave and master. Intelligent local sensors, FX-RP touch screen room panels, and IO modules can be connected as slaves to FX-Multi-24 controllers. Additionally, the FX-Multi-24 can be equipped with an enocean transceiver to connect wireless sensors and actuators and with MP-bus transceiver to communicate with Belimo actuators.

Range of communicating and stand-alone Thermostats are provided for Fan Coil Units (FCU) and Variable Air Volume (VAV) damper controls. 

Industry standard field equipment

We provide full range of industry standard field equipment. Our sensor selection includes Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Pressure Difference, Flow, Carbon-dioxide, Carbon-monoxide, Lux, Smoke, Tank level and Occupancy sensors for Outdoors, Rooms, Ducts and Pipes.